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Meet Your Miracle started out in 2007 as an idea to help as many Mommies and Daddies as possible bond with their little miracles.  Our vision at that time was for EVERY parent that wanted a glimpse of their baby to have the opportunity.  That has not changed.  Meet Your Miracle was founded on the principle that when families are engaged in the miracle of pregnancy and birth together as a unit, circumstances don't matter, and love conquers all.  Meet Your Miracle is a judge free zone for ALL families.

Meet the Chief Miracle Maker at Meet Your Miracle

Shannon Baker Skaggs, RDCS, DMS

Yes that's me, and yes I am scanning a pregnant female gorilla that developed a heart murmur during her pregnancy.  Mommies come in all shapes and sizes and when I am not scanning my human mommies I am always looking to help other "mommies" in need.  I believe that's where my creative ideas come from when helping my human Mommies get the very best pictures of their babies.  I am not afraid to try something new in order to get the shot that others cannot.  When I tell you I have seen it all or scanned it all... I'm not joking

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I am very blessed to have an amazingly supportive family.  Many times you will find them in the studio or attending Miracle events with me.   I am so fortunate to have close bonds with each of my kiddos and I believe with all my heart it's because of time.  Time that I sacrificed to make sure everyone had what they needed, time that I spent on the floor playing when I should have been studying, and time that I refused to give to the corporate world in exchange for family memories.  Time is the key to many things and there is just not enough of it. This time is so special and goes by so very fast. Take time to stop and enjoy the miracle you are creating. As a mom I know how exciting this time is, and how important it is to capture every moment. That's why I opened Meet Your Miracle. I want all parents to have the opportunity to enjoy every aspect of this precious new beginning. The first time you see your baby with 3D/4D ultrasound it is a very overwhelming and emotional experience. I still get teary eyed with all of my new moms as I watch the flood of emotion cross their faces. I can honestly say I have the best job in the whole world! Thank you so much for considering Meet Your Miracle. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to call. Myself, or my staff will be happy to assist you in anyway. I look forward to meeting each of you and hope to help you create the memory of a lifetime meeting your own miracles

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